Worship 1Worship is at the very core of our identity at American Lutheran Church. Although ALC worships God by using an organ, piano, and choir, we believe that worship is a communal act as a response to the Holy Spirit’s invitation. As a community we gather together to hear God’s Word, share in Holy Communion to be sent out to serve.  In other words, worship is about giving praise, thanksgiving, and adoration to God so that we are empowered to love and care for the world.  Through worship we celebrate those things which bind us together: prayers for our common needs, song that lifts our spirits, and a relationship with each other that is grounded in God’s great love for us.

Questions About Worship
How many services are at American Lutheran Church? When are they? How long do they last?
It depends on the time of the year. During the regular schedule (October - April) we have three worship opportunities: Saturday at 4 PM and Sunday at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM. During the summer schedule (May - September) we have two worship opportunities: Saturday at 4 PM and Sunday at 9:30 AM. Each worship service normally lasts about an hour.

Welcome CenterWhere do I go when I arrive for worship at American Lutheran Church?
Depending on what side of the church you park, look for the bell tower.  The doors to the sanctuary are located underneath it.  When you enter the narthex, or gathering space, of the sanctuary we recommend that you stop by the "Welcome Center" where you can find more information about the church.  Because we are so appreciative of your presence we would like to give you a special gift, and then one of ALC's geeters or ushers will help you find a seat.

How does American Lutheran Church worship?
We follow what is in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) book of worship. This type of worship has been passed down through the ages and is similar to many Lutheran, other Protestant churches, and Catholic worship services.

Worship 2Are children allowed at worship? What if they become restless?
Absolutely! Children, youth, adults, and the elderly are invited to be a part of worship. We encourage you to start bringing your children from birth. If they become restless, don’t be embarrassed! We understand it can be difficult for a child to sit for an hour. Everyone, this means the pastor and congregation, will accommodate you. If you would like, we have quiet activities for them do at their seats. If that’s not enough, you are free to take them into the narthex, outside, or the fellowship hall to calm them down.

What kind of music do you use?

We have wonderful music and choir directors who spend time discussing, praying, and studying what music to use. Most of the music comes from the ELW hymnal, classical songs, and other modern resources.

GreeterWhat should I wear?
Many people aren’t sure what to wear when they visit ALC. We want you to be comfortable when you visit. When you are at one of our services, you’ll see a range of styles from jeans to suits. Feel free to be casual or wear your “Sunday best.”

What is Holy Communion and who can participate?
Holy Communion is a sacrament, or a visible sign of God’s invisible grace. Through Holy Communion we are nourished, empowered, and sent out to share God’s love. We believe the Holy Communion table is not ALC’s table or a Lutheran table. We believe it is Christ’s table, so all are invited.

What if I have other questions, especially during the service?
We welcome any and all questions. Feel free to ask the pastors before or after the. service. The pastors will do their best to direct you through worship so you don’t feel lost. If you have a question during the service, you are free to ask someone seated around you. If they don’t know, keep asking around until you find someone who does know the answer!