Sherry McGlynn

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Sherry was born in Portland, Oregon and her family moved to California where she spent her next 17 years. After her time in California she spent much of her life in various states in the Midwest before returning to Arizona. Sherry earned her GED and then while she was in the Midwest, she attended Detroit Business College where she studied business for 9 months.
 Sherry’s favorite color is blue. Her favorite food is “anything Mexican, just not too spicy”. She loves listening to audio books; fiction-romance is her favorite. Her favorite Bible verse is Psalm 23:4. She is learning an array of tasks which include Altar Flowers, phone and computer system, bus transportation, transcription and the catch-all “other duties as assigned”. She enjoys working with the individuals who order flowers, the florist, and the people who deliver flowers to the shut-ins. When asked, “What would you like to say to members of the ALC congregation?” Her response was, “So far, everyone is so nice, kind, and very helpful.”