Neighborhood groups are divided into geographical areas so everyone is included in a group. The purpose is to become acquainted with neighbors in your area.  Some groups meet for breakfast either in homes or in restaurants.  Some have selected discussions decided by the group.  They are a wonderful way to share time together and form new friendships.  Please contact the church for the group leaders' information.
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alc neighborhood map1A Quail Run - Joanne Greathouse
2A Birds of Pray - Pam Geiger
2C Early Birds - Olga Redstrom
2D Thunderbirds - Leader Needed
2H Happy Hour - Terri Polk and Char Riebe
2K Freedom - Leader Needed
2L Royal Oaks - Joan Hugill
2M El Dorado
3A/J Wanderers - Pam Miller
3B/D The Good Eggs - Gary and Karrie Burt
3C Chat-Chatter-Comfort Bryan Cooper-Keeble
3E Paradise Carol Torgerson
3F Funsters - Deb and Dave Hjortland
3H Jolly Comrades - Caroline Woodruff
3L Sierra Winds
4A/B Villagers

alc neighborhood map5A Westers - Myril Schultz
5C/E/F - Kathy Bjorseth
5D Sunflower - Margaret Hannemann