American Lutheran Church is a disciple, or volunteer, driven church.

Even though we have a staff to help with the day-to-day operations, we have numerous committees that have taken on responsibilities to ensure this congregation thrives. Below is a list, description, and contact person for each committee. If you are interested in getting involved with a specific ministry, please call the church at 623-974-2512 or email, and ask to be connected with the committee chair.

Church Council

The Congregational Council oversees the life and activities of American Lutheran Church. It ensures the church follows the Word of God and the faith and practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The people on the council are to lead this congregation in its mission, do strategic planning, and oversee the administration, among other responsibilities as stated in the church constitution.
Council President – David Hjortland

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the communion elements and maintaining the altar and chancel area. Three persons serve each month. This is a special spiritual service to the entire congregation. New members are always welcome and needed.
Chair – James Gerber


The Fellowship committee serves at the coffee hour on Sunday morning and other social events – potlucks, pie socials, and other special receptions. They also oversee the Prison Ministry Angel Tree gifts for children at Christmas. This committee provides opportunities for all members to build new relationships.
Chair – Madeline Niccore


The Finance Committee provides financial oversight of the American Lutheran Church. They meet monthly to maintain accurate records, make recommendations to the council, anticipate expenses, develop financial strategies, and select an auditor, among other responsibilities.
Chair – Arlene Logan

Gifts & Memorials

The Gifts and Memorials committee oversees the distribution of non-budgeted financial gifts left to the congregation. They also ensure that any designated gifts are given to such programs. Anyone in the congregation can fill out an application to help cover the cost of any ministry.
Chair – Ron Prekker

Mutual Ministries

The Mutual Ministries Committee affirms and strengthens the mission of the congregation and the ministry of the staff through listening and clarifying, sharing and communicating, reviewing and reflecting. Committee members: Pastor Scott Klimke, Alan Olson, Dick Jorgenson, Glen Schulz, Kathleen Helm, Linda Shirck, and Terri Polk.

Parish Education & Evangelism

The Parish Education and Evangelism committee do two different ministries. They provide resources to help educate the congregation on Biblical, cultural, and social matters. Also, they help market ALC, connect with the community, and invite people into congregational life.
Chair – Louise Sosa


The Personnel Committee oversees the employment of all staff at American Lutheran Church. They ensure the church complies with all state and federal work-related regulations.
Chair – Judy Erickson

Property & Grounds

The Property and Grounds Committee takes care of the church facility, seeks contractors, and helps ALC’s Property and Grounds Manager. They make sure ALC’s building and property are hospitable for everyone.
Chair – Pete Oppedahl

Social Ministry

The Social Ministry  Committee determines the recipients and the funding amounts of the church’s giving to recipient organizations.
Chair – Patti Phillips


The Stewardship Committee encourages plans and educates the congregation regarding how to support American Lutheran Church. This committee helps this church understand that everything we receive comes from God, and we are asked to return a portion so that the work of ministry can continue. It is from our blessings that we show an “attitude of gratitude.”
Chair – Terri Polk

Stephen Ministry

The Stephen Ministry committee recruits, trains, and organizes continuing education for Stephen Ministers. They also meet with the pastors monthly to help provide insights into the congregation’s well-being and receive direction.
Chair – Ann Skidmore


The American Lutheran Trusts Committee is responsible for managing the investments donated to the trust. They select the investment company, provide guidelines, review proposed investments, and monitor results. Funds made are then distributed to a variety of ministries.
Chair – Jack Leyse

Wednesday Night Alive

Wednesday Night Alive (WNA) has been an integral part of ALC for over 25 years. The purpose of WNA is to combine congregational fellowship with community outreach that inspires, educates, and entertains. The WNA committee plans and organizes all event activities.
Co-Chairs -Donna Borden & Deb Hjortland

Women’s Ministries

The Women’s Ministry committee organizes events for all women at ALC to participate in faith, fun, and fellowship. These events include Book Groups, Circles, WELCA Bible studies and meetings, Prayer Shawl ministry, Quilters, Holiday Bazaar, and others.
Chair – Pam Prueter