What is ALC’s Columbarium?

In 1994, American Lutheran Church of Sun City decided to construct and maintain a columbarium for church members as an alternative, church-affiliated, perpetual home.

ALC’s columbarium was built and dedicated October 2, 1995, with 288 niches. In 2011, the congregation voted to expand the columbarium with 144 additional niches and construct a roof over the portion not included in the original gazebo. Groundbreaking for the new addition was held on April 10, 2011.

What’s involved in getting a niche?

A person must be a member of American Lutheran Church. When a member wishes to purchase a niche they should contact the church office and set up an appointment to discuss burial plans utilizing a niche. When a member purchases a niche it includes space for two, 2 bronze containers, and 2 plaques.

How much does a niche cost?

The current cost to a member is $1200 for a whole niche or $600 for one space. Single members may share a niche (2 members). However, member(s) may sell back a niche at the purchase price they paid. The total amount is to be paid at the time of purchase and a certificate will be issued to the member.

What is written on the niche?

Because of the limited space on the plaque, only a person’s name (first, middle initial and last), date of birth, and date of death can be written on it. Plaques are not placed on the niches until the cremains have been interred. Typically delivery time for a plaque is 6 to 9 weeks after the order is placed.

Can I place something on or around the niche?

Because of the Arizona weather and lack of space to put anything, we highly recommend not placing flowers or items on or at the walls. Futhermore, while the Columbarium is locked at night, we cannot guarantee that those items will not be taken or broken.

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