To those who are employed at ALC:

Thank you for choosing to work at ALC and sharing our mission; “To proclaim the love of Jesus Christ, invite others to participate in our faith community, and be a blessing to all in word and deed.”

Available Positions:

Sorry, no openings at this time.

Please be aware of the following:

There is a written position description for most positions at American Lutheran Church. These are available for open positions and discuss the requirements and primary duties for the different positions of the church.

American Lutheran Church abides by Employment-At-Will. This means that employment may be terminated by either the employee or by the church at any time for any reason or no reason at all, with or without prior notice.

Drug testing is not a condition of employment at American Lutheran Church. However, it may be required at any time by clergy staff or a supervisor, either prior to the start of employment or after it.

Any offer of employment that may be made is conditional, which means that it is contingent upon the passing of the pre-employment background, reference, and/or license checks. As part of the hiring process you will be asked to provide three personal and three professional references that we may contact. You will also be asked to sign an authorization for us to conduct a background check. Verification of any education degree as well as any relevant or claimed professional licensure or certification is required. You will not usually be asked to begin work until results from references, background checks, and educational or licensure information is received.

Please note, the American Lutheran Church campus is tobacco free. You should also be aware that staff are not permitted to have firearms on the campus.

Your cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated.